Filmmaker, Musician, Producer

      As a creative professional I have found myself filling many shoes; director, producer, editor, videographer, sound department, composer, and drummer.  Having yet to try my hand at exotic animal training, I feel my skill list has become competitively expansive.  I went to school and have the papers to prove it. Even now those documents hang where any man hangs important things, near the downstairs bathroom.             

      My first real film as a director was a feature-length drama, The Red Effect, which I was only able to make with the inexplicable talent and support of producers Pierre Walters (also the film's star) and Myles Franklin, and everyone else at Blue Artists. The film went to some festivals in 2017 and won a couple awards, which one could argue validates several years of working on a film. After The Red Effect I directed numerous music videos and a horror short, Three (2018), which won awards at various fests (including Best Overall Short at Nightmares Film Festival 2018) and is currently streaming for free on CryptTV. I produced and edited short films 17 Locust St. (2017) and Lastwinter (2016) with director Daniel Wyland, and composed music for feature-length horror film, Don't Open Your Eyesby director Dmitry Yun, (with a debut at Cinequest 2018 and subsequent release through Screen Media Films).

     In 2017 I also started directing, producing and shooting a web series, Frederick One Take, in partnership with Mystery Ton Studios. The monthly series, now on it's third season, gives an in-studio experience with regional musical talent with absolutely no restriction on genre or style. The series is a chance to blend my passions of filmmaking and music while also giving a megaphone to some of the talent secretly dwelling in our corner of the world.

I am also the co-host of Camp Nightmare, a new podcast dedicated to all things horror (listen HERE).

     Currently I am working on sections of an upcoming feature-length “anthology” style horror film entitled The Black Hills Night Hike, with a release sometime in 2020.

I play drums in the progressive band Time Columns as well as keys and vocals for progressive metal band Exist.  Besides my primary musical projects I am also a drummer for hire for studio or performance gigs.



  • Masters in the Arts: American University, 2014

  • Bachelors in Film Studies: Muhlenberg College, 2010

  • Bachelors in Media & Communications: Muhlenberg College, 2010